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Chatting with Amanda Visell about her Poketo wallet and her characters gettin’ boozy!

It’s hard not to like Amanda Visell’s work. Her style evokes the sweet nostalgia of childhood but with a closer glance, is juxtaposed by themes that are dark and often macabre. And all of it is done with such humor. We had a chance to chat with Amanda about the Poketo wallet she designed and the characters she’s been working with. Read on!


Hey Amanda! How’s it going?

Either I’ll say okay, or the more detailed answer: I’m currently trying not to move from my computer so that my dog on my desk doesn’t jump to the floor and get attacked by my other dog.


How did you come up with your design for the Poketo wallet? It looks like all the darling characters are getting smashed. Even the train conductor! What’s going on?

It’s a painting I did for my Pink Elephant vinyl toy release at Munky King. All about gettin’ boozy.

Your character Drunky McSkunky is my favorite guy! I’m so glad he’s on the Poketo wallet. What’s his story and how did he and the pink elephant become friends?

Well, he’s a drunk.


How did you begin your career in art?

Jeez, thats a hard one. The more I think about it, I don’t think there is a defining moment. So I’ll say failure, hard work, luck, failure.


There’s a definite vintage feel to your art. Who and what are some of your inspirations?

Oh I think I like rough conceptual paintings, I love it when just a few brush strokes make something really come alive.

You’ve also done artwork for Disney which are awesome but very different in context with your other works. Have people responded to the difference at all?

That is an interesting pickle. My Pink Elephant toy came out after I started getting some attention for the other stuff. I had some people get offended by my booze references. It’s odd.


There’s an underlying sense of peril in many of your paintings. What strikes you about that subject?

I’m jumpy. I get rattled by everything. Just walking down the street I start to plan my escape if I were to see zombies. 

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