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Can you crack the code? Interview with Artist Neil Doshi

Artist Neil Doshi designed one of our new line of tees called, “Crack the Code.” Here are snippets of a past interview he did with us. He also shows us some zany pictures of what he encountered while moving through the U.S. Oh America, you can be so weird sometimes…

This is what we started seeing after driving for 12 hours straight

Hi Neil! Tell us a little about yourself, where you grew up, what you did before getting into graphics and art.

I have lived in Montreal for most of my life. It’s a great city to grow up in, there’s a rich cultural and arts scene and it’s really easy to get around. I sort of got into graphics and art making later on in my life. I had always been interested in art and almost all my friends make things in one way or another. I joined an art gang/group/whatever called the YPF which was a big precursor to all the stuff I’m doing now. It gave me an avenue and forum to show work and make things without it being too serious. There was no real overlying intent, we put on shows and made things just because we loved doing it. It was awesome in its sloppiness and craziness – we once put on a performance where 15 of us made a new 7in*7in piece every 24 minutes for 24 hours.


Tell me a little bit about your design for Poketo. The shapes, colors, eyes, where is this beauty coming from?

I was interested making up a set of interchangeable symbols based on simple shapes. Can you crack the code? It’s based on a small run of prints I made for the YPF Yearbook (a book of limited edition prints by the YPF). The design is actually a reproduction of one of the original prints.

Route 66 crazies

You just moved down to LA and you seem stoked to share your trip down here. We are going to see your pics in this interview, but, tell us about it, what happened? How were you feeling?

It was an amazing time, I drove down with 2 good friends and my dog Spirit. We went through New York to the South and through Memphis, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, etc. We tried to recreate National Lampoon’s Family Vacation. Some of many highlights were the architecture in New Orleans and the signage along route 66…

To read the rest of Neil’s interview, go here

And to see more of his works, visit

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