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Buenos Aires design studio, DGPH revealed!

The secret to success for DGPH, another Poketo for Target collaborator, lies in their characters. The designs of their wildly popular and irresistible creatures were primarily influenced by manga (Japanese comics), street art, and 1950′s cartoons. It is these characters, and their carefully though-out backstories and environments, that breathe life into their design, illustration, animation, product development, and installations.

Based in Buenos Aires DGPH is comprised of Martin Lowenstein, Diego Vaisberg, and Andres Vaisberg.

DGPH in its earliest form began in 2004 when the trio were still in school. In 2005, they decided to ditch their day jobs in advertising and begin DGPH in earnest from their apartments, and by 2006, they began producing their first line of vinyl collectibles.

The origins of the “DGPH” acronym started as a joke. It stands for “diseño grafico papel higienico,” meaning “toilet paper graphic design,” which perhaps speaks to their humble beginnings and sense of humor. An image of a toilet paper roll was used in their early days, but as the novelty faded, the image was dropped. Now it’s simply, DGPH, sans toilet paper.

Check out the full scope of their work at, and play the Molestown game!

You can take a piece of DGPH home with you as well–check out their Poketo for Target designs below!

DGPH’s keychain

DGPH’s umbrella

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