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Bryan VS. Michael

For those of you who follow “Top Chef: Las Vegas“, I’m sure it was a wonderfully delicious hour leading up to the much anticipated finale! How many of you were Bryan fans? Or perhaps you preferred the youthfulness of Michael. Whomever you rooted for, you can’t deny that this season was exceptionally exciting with the tension caused by the Voltaggio brothers!


We don’t want to ruin the conclusion for those of you who haven’t checked your Tivo yet, so instead of recapping the finale, here’s a fun look into the most famous sibling rivalries of all!

Cain and Abel, as portrayed by Marc Chagall

Michael and Fredo Coreleone

Ross and Monica Gellar

And the classic favorite…..Bart and Lisa!

Who are your favorite siblings? Whether they’re friends or foe, they definitely make for great entertainment!

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