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Born maker, Eric Trine

Eric Trine is one of the two California designers we worked with to launch our first ever urban gardening collection on Poketo. The pieces he created for our collection are modern, clean, playful, and simply so cool that they’ve already turned the heads of our friends at Design Sponge, Poppytalk, and even Martha Stewart. We first met Eric during last year’s “LA, I’m Yours” art market. He was a key player in making the vision for the show a reality. Eric is a designer, a maker, one of those people that can do just about anything, and pretty much does. Lets get right to it folks, meet Eric Trine.

We know you love designing and building things, but how did you first discover it?
I’ve been building my whole life. When I was in Jr. High, I ran a small business making skate ramps for all the kids in the neighborhood. Then, I majored in Sculpture in college, and since then the direction of my work has taken a more applied design direction.

You’re a born and raised here, how do you think Southern California influences your work?
I think that the year-round outdoor living culture has greatly influenced the way I think about entertaining, hospitality, and home-making. So, making objects that work well indoor and outdoors is a natural part of my design/thought process.

Being a designer/builder, you must get a lot of work done at your studio. Could you tell us what your favorite part of your space is?
The whole thing! The giant roll up door makes for great light. And because I’m in an industrial area, I can make as much noise as I want, as late as I want.

Tell us about the three-ring mountable planters and plant stands you made for us. Share with us some of your inspirations.

Inspiration is something that I like to keep at the sub-conscious level. I’m not consciously aware of what pushes my work in one direction or another. I really like to look at raw materials. The lumber yard, metal shop, and salvage yard, are probably the biggest sources of inspiration for me. I came upon these rings and I thought to myself, what else could I use these for?

Lastly, what personal project are you proudest of?
I love the Canvas Cabin I made earlier this year for our annual camping trip.

Check out Eric’s creations at
Find more of Eric Trine at

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