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Behind the Design: 100 Years of Bauhaus

Bauhaus has touched every aspect of culture, from the skyscrapers we see to the chairs we sit on. Entering its 100th year, Bauhaus is one of the most recognized and celebrated movements in the world. And it comes to no surprise to anyone, these pioneering artists, architects, and designers totally flipped the script on what it meant to art, build, and design.

simple lined notebooks

Before them, traditional art and design were taught separately. But this new school of thought combined not only the two subjects but a variety of disciplines ranging from architecture and sculpture to graphic design and fine art. 

The movement first started in 1919 at a school in Weimar, Germany under Walter Gropius. Literally meaning “house of building,” st
udents of Bauhaus were exposed to the latest technologies and taught to embrace and adapt to the times. Their artistry and craftsmanship expanded a multitude of materials and processes. 

concept and project planners

They rethought what it meant to build buildings and write words. In fact, Bauhaus artists and designers were first to revamp the traditional hierarchy of the page and use sans serif font. Helvetica and Arial were all brought to you in part by Bauhaus' influence. 

concept planners

Concept Planners.

And even though the Nazis forced Bauhaus to close down, artists and designers took the Bauhaus spirit worldwide. The style that encompassed artists like Paul Klee and Josef Albers to Kandinsky and Gertrud Arndt have now touched Poketo co-founders Ted and Angie and visionaries like Steve Jobs.

colored prism pens

Colored Prism Pens.

Bauhaus' story is at once awe-inspiring and provocative. Our fall collection, Form Meets Function, gives a nod to these greats and looks at the 100 years through products that keep the Bauhaus spirit alive. 

View the Form Meets Function lookbook or shop the stationery collection here. 

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