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Beautiful Gore: The Complex Art of Louie Cordero

Louie Cordero, last but not least, is our third mega-talented Perverse Universe artist.

Louie is from Manila, Philippines, where he currently lives and works. We scoured the internet for a portfolio site that showcases Louie’s stunning paintings, drawings, and sculptures, but the best we could do is this profile from the Jonathan Levine Gallery, where he recently exhibited his most recent body of work, Sacred Bones.

His work often explores Filipino culture and identity with visceral and layered imagery, and works from a vast range of references, including American pop culture, Catholicism, and The Philippines’ history of colonization.

The green beauty you see below is a sculpture made from his friends’ chewed gum. As you can see, Louie is no stranger to experimental materials.

Neither is Louie a stranger to comics. Nardong Tae is his self-published underground comic series about the adventures of a hapless boy who was struck by alien feces and subsequently turned into a mutant. Yes, you read correctly. The series appears to be more light-hearted than his gallery work. It has garnered cult followings in Japan and the Philippines, as well as Nardong Tae collectible toys (below) modeled after the series’ protagonist.

They are apparently quite hard to find! Louie Cordero is definitely one to keep your eyes on–his illustrated interview follows shortly. You can get one of his wallets here!

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