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Barry McGee Video Installation and New Work at The Hammer

Commissioned by Oakland Museum of California, an awesome video with a glimpse of Barry’s studio and a time lapse of the installation at the museum. It’s great to see his studio, all the order/disorder and to see the process and head scratching involved in putting one of his large installations together.

If you are in LA, you’ve probably seen the many street banners of Barry McGee’s work advertising an exhibition at The Hammer. Currently on view is Outside The Box, an exhibtion with master print maker, Jacob Samuel. One might wonder, why is Barry McGee’s work on the banners? From the Hammer website,

Working primarily in series in intaglio mediums such as etching, drypoint, and aquatint, Samuel has invited artists to create prints in his Santa Monica studio but has also traveled internationally to collaborate with artists in their own studios. The number of prints included in each portfolio range from 6 to 36, with more than 550 individual prints included in the 43 portfolios.

Barry McGee is one of the artists that Samuel has collaborated with in a series of new prints, there is a video where you can see the process and collaboration between Samuel and many of the artists.

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