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By Calvin Berry

Art is inherently inclusive and democratic. Historically, it’s been a way that people of all backgrounds can express themselves and be heard, contributing their voice to the larger discussion. In the same way different colors and forms come together to make stronger visual composition, the idea of diverse parts creating a more beautiful, unified whole is essential both to the way we create as individuals and the way we thrive as a national community.

all shapes sizes and colors 

In late March of this year, we launched #ArtSpeaks, our own way of using art to make our voice heard. We created a collection of exclusive new products, promising to match and donate 100% of the proceeds to the ACLU. As of today, we’ve donated a total of $1226, a number that’s growing every day thanks to the generous support of our Poketo community. You’ve shown that through art, we can unite and enact meaningful, measurable change, and for that we can’t thank you enough. We hope you’ll continue to support us as we hold to our promise.

Artspeaks pencils

Looking ahead, we’re excited to find new ways that we can use #ArtSpeaks to express our ideals and beliefs, some of which we’ve already explored. As the campaign continues to evolve, however, the underlying inspiration behind it remains the same: art that empowers us all to speak up, join together and create a more perfect union. You can learn more about #ArtSpeaks on our website, where you can continue to donate and receive our exclusive pins and pencils.

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