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Arts and crafts mom, Angelica Reedy

We found Angelica Reedy around the Poketo neighborhood sporting a Poketo tee, so we decided to get up close and personal with this artsy mom who chronicles the ever-changing streetscapes of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles on the side. Say hello to Angelica!

Hi, Angelica, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well, my nickname is Angie, just like Poketo’s co-founder. I’m an LA native, born and raised. I actually grew up in East LA. I’ve always been interested in art and cooking and stuff of that nature.

Angelica wearing her Poketo t-shirt and carrying the cute Marisol.

So, you’re sporting a Poketo tee I see. What attracts you about Poketo?
I like the Poketo line because it’s very artistic and it’s unique.

Oh cool. So, Angie, could you introduce us to your little one?
This is Marisol. She’s 9.5 months old.She’s just learning to stand and starting to crawl. She’s very curious. She’s trying to get at everything!

So, what’s your regular day like?

I’m a stay at home mom. I used to work. Now I stay home and I take care of Marisol. Usually our days are get up, eat, take a bath. We like to go out and hang out with other moms. I’m in a meet up group with different moms who are into arts and crafts and are artistic. I met them through They’re into the same things I am. I want moms that are arts-y moms.

What else keeps you busy?
A lot of times, Marisol and I walk around a lot in the city. I take a lot of photos of the art around here and I actually started a blog called Post Mad Bills. I like to consider myself the unofficial curator of the arts district. I just started it because I’ve been taking pictures since last November. I just started collecting them and putting them up online.

That sounds like a fun blog. Any interesting stories while taking photos?

This past Friday we were at the Angel City Brewery. I saw this guy doing a cross between Sanskrit and Thai. It turns out that it was the guy doing all the Buddha and Gandhi that you see around town. His name is Bill.

The other thing was…you know that art work on 4th and Alameda? Somebody painted it over with blue paint, I met that guy. When I saw what he was doing, I went up to him and like, “What are you doing? That’s a JR!” He’s like, “Oh no, we talked about it. We’re doing a collaboration.”

That’s what I was hoping would happen throughout all this is to meet the artist. That’s always cool, to meet the artist behind the art.

So, Angelica, what Poketo goodies catch your attention?
I really want to get that Pocket Tote. It could double as diaper bag. You could take it with you to the park, on play dates, to the beach. It’s not like some frumpy thing that you’re carrying around.

I saw the paper flyers. I thought those are really cool. They’re really artsy so you could display it at your house.

The crayon rings too. It’s cool but you could also play with it with your kids at the restaurant with the paper placemats. I thought that’d be really neat.

The new dresses are also great because they’re unique. They appeal to the type of mom I am. It would help you keep your unique individual style, but at the same time still be comfortable.

Could you explain what type of mom you were referring to?

Well, I consider myself to be an artsy, liberal, unique, slightly bohemian. I’m not the type that’s like into mainstream stuff.


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