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Artist Interview with Lisa Congdon: On Collecting and Creating.

Our new tea towels, created in collaboration with Lisa Congdon, are inspiring us to spend more time in the kitchen. Their vibrant geometric patterns make them so artful and such a joy to behold. Just as these linens are full of culinary and decorative inspiration for us, Lisa’s work draws upon her love for collecting.

Yes, other than being a prolific artist and illustrator, Lisa also loves collecting old and unusual things that she fills in her home and studio! In today’s artist interview, we ask Lisa more about the driving force behind her creativity, her passion for collecting and how it inspires her artistic work.

1. You’re a really prolific artist and illustrator. What drives your creative work?

I didn’t become an artist until I was in my 30′s and previous to that I worked in an office. I loved aspects of my previous work, but I was bored and uninspired a lot of the time. Once I discovered drawing and painting, I haven’t been able to stop working. There is not enough time in the day to make all the things I want to make. I’m driven by my sheer love for it.


2. Apart from illustrating and painting, you are also an avid collector. What do you look out for when collecting?

Things that speak to my aesthetic. I collect things that I think are beautiful or interesting. I love old things in particular. I love things with a history.




3. How does collecting influence your work as artist?

I am very influenced by midcentury design and by Scandinavian design. I happen to collect many things that are midcentury and Scandinavian and those aesthetics make their way into my artwork quite often! I also use lots of vintage paper and imagery in my collages and mixed media work.

4. When you’re not busy creating, what other activities do you enjoy pursuing?

I swim almost every day. I recently discovered yoga, and do that twice a week now. I love to keep my body moving. Making art is really fun, but it can also require standing or sitting still for long periods of time, so movement is great for me.

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