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Artist Interview: James Gulliver Hancock Brings “All the Buildings in NY” to LA

The “All the Buildings in New York” book launch party is just a day away – have you marked your calenders yet? It brings a bit of NY to LA, but James has specially created LA tote bags for the raffle during the party. In today’s interview with James Gulliver Hancock, we find out more about the time he spent in LA, and his pal Jessica Koslow of Sqirl who will be bringing her treats to the event!


1. LA is clearly a stark contrast from NY, but how do you see it through your own eyes, in comparison to NY?
They are both amazing, and I would find it hard to choose again, they really are like chalk and cheese. They both have some amazing nature outside of the city, one desert, one quite lush and green. I think what I find interesting about LA is that it’s a bit hard to access on the surface. NY is very easy to enjoy as everything falls out onto the street. But in LA you have to be a bit of a detective. The best sushi might be behind a doorless slab of concrete on a deserted street, you just never now. Hence it’s much more about knowing a local and seeking stuff out, it’s harder than NY. Does that make it a touch more rewarding?

2. Like New York, you’ve spent a fair amount of time in LA too…what first brought you to LA?
My wife is a musician and she started her solo career in LA. We had a great time in LA for about 4 years. It’s such a great city to get things going people can be up for trying new things and getting stuff happening. In contrast to Australians who can be a bit too laid back sometimes.


3. Can you share with us some of your favorite spots in LA?
Spirl, obviously, because I can go there, eat great food and probably run into a friend. Forage in Sunset Junction is pretty awesome too, I love places you can eat like you would at home. I love hiking the canyons up to the observatory too.


4. You’ve done some work for Jessica of Sqirl…what do you enjoy about her jams and food?
Jessica’s work is amazing, she seems to of carved herself such an amazing culinary path. She symbolises what I love about America, how she’s started her own business from a small thing such as jams and built it into a full brand. I love that she mixes very local flavours and isn’t afraid to try different things together. She plays with food like I play with pens and pencils!

Gravy Bisucits Eggs and Sausage...

Cured Salmon on warm bread...

5. Describe Jessica in 3 words.
Awesome, focussed, determined.

6. What was your inspiration for the designs you’ve created for Sqirl Kitchen?
Together we’ve made a stop motion film, a tote bag and a mural in her space. All three elements have a concept of magical preserves. That the things inside the jars are extra special, are stardust mixings of amazingness.

7. What do you want people to carry in your LA Tote Bag?
Some Sqirl jam :-) of course. A signed copy of my book :-) some cheese from the Silver Lake Cheese Store along with a baguette, some fruit from the Silver Lake Farmer’s Market, a picnic rug, your best friend, and directions to the canyons.

All the Buildings in New York Launch Party
Date: Thursday May 23rd 2013
Time: 7-10pm
Location: Poketo Store
820 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Find out more details about the event and RSVP here.

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