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Anne Carnevale Visual Inspiration

When we asked Anne Carnevale, the designer behind Carnevale Clay, to share some of her visual sources of inspiration, rather than pull images from fine art (she comes from a sculpture background) she opted to send us photos from her own travels around the world. Given the very personal and hands-on nature of her work—her vessels are coil hand built, a technique that reaches into antiquity and predates throwing on a wheel—it makes sense that Anne would be most influenced by her own fully immersive experiences. From the piercing fields of Burgundy to the ports of Ireland, read on to discover some of Anne’s most inspiring sights.

Local fisherman’s boat in port, Donegal, Ireland, 2011
Looking at this photo, I can hear the water against the rocks and feel the breeze on my face. It’s all very tactile—stone, wind, water, wood—things that we are from and filter into my work.

Burgundy, France, 2012
Hiking through the fields of Burgundy. Piercing pure colors from the sky, the wheat, the creeks, and the poppies.

Rootstock, Humboldt Park, Chicago, 2009
Mezze with friends alfresco. There’s nothing like coming together after a long day with good friends, great cuisine mezze style, and of course amazing wine. I create my work for moments like these.

Grand Rapids, MI, 1995
I am drawn to the decay of the city—where the art lives in the alleys and doorways. As an artist living in both Chicago and New York, this cycle has always been interesting to me. Those were always affordable places to live, the places that once were or have never been sought after until they are and it is time to move again…

Ukrainian Village, Chicago, IL, 2009
A view of the Chicago skyline from my old rooftop. There’s something enticing about being able to be above your city—to perch like a bird above it all. There is a peace and clarity gained at this height.

Lafayette, Colorado, 2014
Moving out to Denver made me look UP. The skies are theater with the mountains as a back drop, forever performing for the likes of us.

Jim Larkin sculpture by Oisìn Kelly in Dublin, Ireland, 2011
Public art is another conversation level happening—capturing a moment in time which is historically important to the culture.

Wheatpaste poster by Miss Me of Montreal (Miles, which is part of her jazz saints series), Montmartre, Paris, 2012
I love exploring a new city and listening to the current visual conversation happening on the street that inevitably bubbles up from there to mainstream art forms.

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