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Andreas Samuelsson Turns Everyday Objects into Art

Andreas Samuelsson is a visual artist based in Göteborg, Sweden. He graduated in 2004 from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm and has been working as a freelance artist ever since. His graphic images have graced magazines, posters, textile designs, wallpapers, ad campaigns, galleries, and now a Poketo t-shirt!

You have a way of putting mundane objects together to create a compelling illustration. How did you come to this method of storytelling?

I like to collect various things and put them together. My patterns are like a diary of objects I’ve seen and found during my life. It’s also very fun to put unique objects together. I like to cross forms and colors to see what happens.

What do you use for reference or inspiration?

I get the most inspiration from my childhood, memories of my youth, or life in general. Sometimes I try to look back and remember things I’ve seen, and draw them from memory. I also enjoy to draw old things but with a modern twist. I like to listen to jazz music when I work, it makes me calm–my favorite album at the moment is Keith Jarrett – My Song (1978). Besides that, freestyle swimming or riding my bike gives me energy. When I’m not working, I play and collect Japanese arcade games, watch movies, or hang out with my girlfriend, Anna.

How do you come up with your bright, energetic color schemes?

I really enjoy working with basic colors. Very often, the color schemes comes by itself or from the client.

How do graphic design and illustration relate to you?

I started as a graphic designer 10 years ago and became an illustrator in 2004. I use a lot of typography in my work, which comes from my days as a graphic designer. I could be called a “graphic illustrator” because I spend lots of time doing hand-drawn type. I felt a bit tied up as a graphic designer because there were too many rules and perfectionism. I feel more free as an illustrator.

Take us on a tour of Göteborg and tell us about your favorite spots.

I swim a lot, so I go to Valhallabadet as often as I can, they have a very nice mosaic with typical ’50s style inside the building. My studio is located in a very nice area called Majorna, which is where our apartment is also located. There are record shops, interesting buildings, and parks in this area. The local people are also very friendly! Slottsskogen, Botaniska and Röda Sten are also nice places that I enjoy.

Could you tell us the inspiration behind your t-shirt design?

I made this pattern to celebrate all types of junk food and objects related to it. I’m a big fan of everyday objects, packages and various products, so this pattern was based on some of my favorites.

Andreas’ shirt is available at, along with the entire fall collection, and you can view more of his awesome work at

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