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An Interview with FriendsWithYou!

Miami-based artists Sam and Tury, known formally as Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, founded FriendsWithYou in 2002 to spread Magic, Luck, and Friendship all over the world. FriendsWithYou has since pervaded the art and design world with immersive installations and diverse multimedia projects. Read on to find out more about the dynamic duo and the creative process behind their innovative works.

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( ◕‿◕ )

Can you tell us a little bit about your involvement with the Luminato Arts Festival in Toronto? How did it come about and what are you doing to prepare?

This is the most gigantic art experience we have created up until now. We have finished most of the designs and manufacturing, but there is still a few things left to do! This project came to us after we did the Fun House show at Scope during Art Basel Miami. The people from Luminato came to see all the magic we created, and we started our mission!

How does your process differ when working for a commercial assignment vs. a fine art project?

We put the same magic into everything we do. We want to make sure everything we put into the world has power and energy. We are passionate every step of the way.

In a span of almost ten years, FriendsWithYou has spread Happiness, Magic, and Luck all over the world. Where in your own lives do you see these elements playing a role?

Every moment. We are on the most incredible adventure of building this project to spread something powerful in the world. We lead enchanted lives that helps us make this kind of work.

Everyone on your team must be a creative dynamo. What’s a typical day in the studio like?

Everyday is different since we do so many different things and that is very fun. We all work towards the same goal of making the best art to put into the world.

In past interviews, you’ve mentioned that Malfi (pictured below) is the “keeper to the entry way into our magical world.” Is everyone allowed entry?

It depends. He just opens the door and then you can choose your next steps. Malfi is very powerful and loves to play.

How do you come up with all of the fun back stories for the characters you’ve created?

It’s easy. They all have lives already we are just letting them free into our world.

Many thanks to Sam and Tury for their time. Check out our Wish Come True wallet collaboration here!

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