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Academy Designer Rachel Albright Gives Us a Tour of Philly


In honor of the 4th of July, we asked recent Philadelphia transplant Rachel Albright of Academy to give us a list of her favorite places in the town she newly calls home. Though the designer moved to Philly from Richmond, Virgina just four months ago, she’s already compiled quite the list of haunts. From breakfast to late-night shows and everything in-between, we think these recommendations are plenty to keep you entertained, whether you’re in Philly for the long haul or just to ring the Liberty Bell.


Italian Market

Italian Market – For fresh produce, doughnuts, and booze.

Honey’s - The best place for breakfast, straight from a breakfast enthusiast.

Loco Pez – You haven’t had nachos until you’ve had them here. Someone told me that and I didn’t believe them, but it’s very, very true.

Johnny Brenda’s – (Very) strong drinks and killer shows.

Pizza Brain – The raddest place owned by the raddest dude (plus–PIZZA!)


The Barnes Foundation

The Barnes Foundation – From what I can tell, Philadelphia has no shortage of great museums. This one, though, is tops.

Philadelphia Flea - A traveling flea market that parks in just about every neighborhood at some point over the summer, and is filled with gems!

Mütter Museum – Basically, the weirdest place on Earth. But it’s incredible! SCIENCE!

The Clay Studio – A rad studio offering classes and workshops in the most historic part of town. I’ve seen so much great work come out of this place!


The City Planter

City Planter – For the plant mom in all of us. (Seriously, it’s the best)

Vagabond – My favorite place in the city to shop. In fact, someone once walked in with me and said “wait, is this your closet?”

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