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A tour at Cartoon Network? The Problem Solverz solved it.

Meet the young, new upstarts of Cartoon Network, The Problem Solverz. From the mind of artist, writer, and cartoonist Ben Jones (of art collective, Paper Rad), Problem Solverz is a new show surrounding three characters – Alfe, Roba, and Horace. The three of them are The Problem Solverz. They solve pretty fantastic problems involving ninjas, magicians, elevator racers, and the likes of other evil minded antagonists. Their world has a problem, they solve it.

Creator of The Problem Solverz, Ben Jones selecting rad art lying around the office… thank you Ben, I owe you!

Jones has a long history in art, comics, zines, music, video and animation. This is his first stint in television and it’s cool to see an indie artists’ vision translate to a major TV network. After all, he has been developing these characters and animation over the course of 10 years now. In typical fashion, if Jones is going to do television, he’s going to go big and stay true to what he does. Known for his hyper-unreal colors, patterns, and tripped out characters, the visuals for The Problem Solverz is a combination of 80s, lo-fi video game graphics, psychedelia, and a big dose of humor. In short, it’s rad.

After inking a deal with Cartoon Network, Jones moved out to Los Angeles last year from Providence, Rhode Island and quickly built a solid team, recruiting John Pham, Martin Cendreda, and John Vermilyea, all of whom are deeply rooted in the indie arts and comics scene. And, as you know, have all collaborated with Poketo in some form or another. This show is the real deal, not a watered down cartoon for the networks, but, indie artists executing their vision for the masses. We had a great opportunity meet with The Problem Solverz team, get a tour of their studio and see the awesome offices of Cartoon Network… enjoy.

Lead Artist, John Pham

Artist, John Vermilyea

Technical Director, Martin Cendreda

PA and video game curator, Adam Robezzoli. Adam curates the Game Nights for GR2.

The Problem Solverz airs Mondayz at 8:45pm. More at Problem Solverz Tumblr and Cartoon Network. Check out scenes from the show below.

On a side note… while getting the tour of their studio and Cartoon Network, had the wonderful opportunity to meet Pendleton Ward of Adventure Time. Another incredible show.

And Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong of The Regular Show. Hellen is an old friend and an amazing comicbook artist, one you’ll be seeing more of on Poketo next month!

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