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A Good Trip: 4 Things We Can’t Leave Home Without

We’ve been dreaming of Paris (and other cities) lately, but no matter how wonderful the destination every traveler knows that a secret to a good trip is to bring the right essentials.

Here’s what’s on our must-bring list. What can’t you travel without?

1. We bring at least four different cameras in every trip. Aside from Ted’s DSLR, we keep also bring along the Golden Half and Mini-Diana. The Digital Harinezumi is a no-brainer. This little baby also takes videos.

2. A good passport case is a blessing. The Upcycled Passport Case comfortably carries our passports, money and cards.

3. Street banner bags pack flat and are the perfect thing to whip out when the shopping bug hits us. We easily carry them on board the plane without having to pay expensive overweight charges.

4. Comfort is key especially when taking long flights. The eco pullovers are super soft and ward off that chilly recycled air on the plane.

What do you bring on an adventure?

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