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A Day in the Life of Hanako Clulow

No doubt you’ve been charmed by Hanako Clulow’s work on Poketo. Her playful renditions of animals transport us to a happy world of our own imagining. First, our mousepads, now in two of our latest fall wallet collection.

Hanako left Japan in 1997 for Ireland where she studied Visual Arts and English. Then headed to England to explore her passion for Child Psychology, eventually finishing her degree from the University of London. Despite (or perhaps because of her studies), she found a renewed love for art and has since enchanted us with her exploration of nature, the animal kingdom, psychology, fantasy and her native culture.

We were curious to see how inspiration sprang from the mind of Hanako so we asked her to share a slice of her life with us. Hanako sent us a few snapshots of her daily life and with it we place ourselves in her proverbial shoes.

This is me and as you can see I’m heavily pregnant (9 months). My tummy is getting bigger and bigger every day. Can’t wait to see my daughter soon!

My husband and I are currently back at my parents’ in Japan and this is the view we get when we wake up in the morning.

For me, breakfast is the most important meal a day and I’m luckily eating well-balanced Japanese breakfasts made by my mum every morning.

This is my special friend Ume (means Plum in Japanese) he’s also had a big life change recently having moved with us from the UK.

Playing with Ume is important part of my daily life…

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to set up my work desk properly since moving back to Japan so this is my old desk at the studio back in London. Really miss my studio…. I spend as much time as I can in front of the desk working on new projects before our baby arrives.

This is a snippet of my most recent work. Inspired by summer and retro Japanese posters. Also, a sketch of the work I’m making for the Frankfurt Book Fair. It’s a story about a little girl and her shoes.

I love exploring new cafes and this is one of my favourite. Isn’t it cute? It’s called Hattifnatt and is in Kichijoji, Tokyo. A place like this always gives me some inspiration for new work.

Check out Hanako’s wallet and mousepad.
Find more of Hanako at

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