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A Balancing Act

Sometimes the most satisfying experiences come from the simplest of things. We were reminded of that just last week when we got our copy of Monocle featuring the Balancing Blocks. In the spirit of endless fun, we broke out our set and asked everyone at the studio to create their own masterpiece. Here’s what we came up with!

Ted’s creation is a visual sleight of hand. What at first looks like one H-structure, turned out to be two tall towers. Doesn’t one look like a giraffe to you?

Charlie’s was inspired by the Children’s Fairyland theme park on Oakland, where children could unlock the sites by using a special key. The tiny red block in the front is the key and the rest of it is the lock.

If Charlie’s was a lock, then Angie’s was like a fun, multicolored skyscraper city. That would make a great place to live in. Yellow buildings, red roofs and all.

Dikka created a major balancing act with not one but two outcroppings peeking out!

That’s Carren with her rendition of two people walking their dogs at a park.

Reese is amazing with her blocks. How did she make them go up so tall?

Sana decided to take hers a different direction, going horizontal instead. Love the color combo on the top.

That yellow block looks ready to slide down, but Shuhan somehow made it all stay still.

Balancing blocks are a great creative exercise, it can even make you a few friends with the right message. Right, Joe? Hi, back!

That’s our mini studio break for the day! What do you do for office fun? We’d love to hear from you.

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