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4 Years is the Waffle anniversary!

My girlfriend and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on Sunday with a delicious afternoon picnic in the park. But that isn’t the focus of this post. I guess mutual appreciation of delicious desserts is pretty crucial in our relationship because four years of bliss were eclipsed by Syrup Desserts opening their doors in Downtown LA.


We shared a “freshly ironed waffle” topped with fruit and whipped cream…okay not terribly adventuruous but it was SO GOOD. A waffle has to be pretty incredible to be enjoyable on a 98 degree day!

via R.E.

We’re definitely headed back this week for some frozen hot chocolate!

The full menu isn’t set yet so if you try something you like here be sure to let them know on Twitter! It’s up to you to keep your favorite desserts on the menu to share with people you love!

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