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3 tips for a better cup of coffee

Poured-over coffee have been making waves in gourmet coffee shops but when we can’t stop by our favorite Intelligentsia or Stumptown, we brew a little taste of heaven by making our own coffee using the Hario kettle and drip. It may seem more intimidating than the usual dump-and-drip coffee machine, but it’s easier than it looks. Plus, the few minutes it takes to make one cup can become a personal sanctuary.

We’re always on a quest to make a better brew, so here are some tips we’ve gathered in pursuit of that perfect cup of coffee:

Size does matter
Many coffee brewers wonder why such a large hole exists on the bottom of the Hario V60 Ceramic Drip; it’s for better control. Drips with smaller holes instantly restrict the taste of your coffee by dictating how fast water flows through your grounds for you, instead of you dictating the speed of water flow.

This brings us to tip #2

Patience is a virtue
When it comes time to pour, slow and steady is the key. If you pour too fast, an acrid-tasting coffee cup is what you get (because the water goes through to coffee too quickly, by-passing all the coffee goodness inside your grounds). But pour too slowly and what you get is the bitter taste of over-steeped coffee grounds.

The need for the right speed is why the Hario V60 kettle is a must-have for coffee-lovers. Its swan-like neck is not only elegant, but it also gives you full control over the stream of hot, boiling water. Start pouring in a gentle, circular motion, taking care not to let the water rise above the grounds.

Details, details, details
It takes a few extra steps to make this cup of coffee, but it’s worth it. Remember to wet the filter before pouring your ground beans, so it adheres to the sides of the ceramic drip. Then, pre-wet the coffee grounds, letting it froth and foam. Finally, start the pour-over. Channel Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid if you need extra patience. Wax on, wax off… but only this time with a kettle in your hands. Take care to pour over the ground beans and not over the filter. If all goes well, you should see a foamy dome the color of caramel.

There it is guys. No magic, just pure patience. If you’ve gotten the pour-over method down to a science, we’d love to hear your personal tips on what works and what doesn’t. Leave us a comment or share your favorite insider tip on our Facebook page.

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