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3 Tips for Self-Care: Holiday Edition

The holiday rush can feel like a frosty whirlwind, whisking you away at the onset of your post-Thanksgiving food coma only to drop you off right before the ball drops. It is truly a joyous time, but it can also be one of confusing shipping deadlines and long queues. To counter that here are some ways you can stay grounded through the season where Deck the Halls, Drummer Boy, and Frosty the Snowman play endlessly on repeat.

Concept / Project / Simple PlannerPictured: Concept PlannerProject PlannerSlim PensSimple Planner 

1. Organize
Create a solid foundation for yourself. A system provides structure you can fall back on when you start to hear the jingle bells of the busy holiday season. Outlining your day’s routine and “oh-this-would-be-great-for” ideas into solid places like a planner minimizes scatterbrained stress and will reveal to you the clear blocks of time when you can best do holiday shop.

2. Express
Sometimes all you need is a blank page. The key to combat stress during the holidays is to 1. become aware of bad stress and 2. use tools to release it. Sounds easy to do, but because stress may be so entrenched in our everyday, we often don’t catch our feelings of overwhelm until we feel symptoms like headaches, anxiety/depression, and even panic attacks. Writing/coloring/drawing is one way to air out the bad vibes.

CandlesPictured: Boys Smells Candles (Assortment)

3. Breathe
This is the most important one, and it’s one that you are doing right this very second. All you really need for this is yourself and some time. When you can, slot in just 10 minutes of your day to sit out and not doing anything but breathing. The holidays come once a year - try to find the good cheer in your life! (P.S. If you do want your air a bit freshened up, we recommend picking up some incense or candles to make breathing more enticing.) :) 

But just in case you (or your loved ones) need a little extra help, we compiled a gift guide specifically for wellness treats and tools. Shop the rest of the 2019 gift guide here.

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