Sqirl Jams
Sqirl Jams
Sqirl Jams Seascape Strawberry & Rose Geranium Raspberry and Cardamom Blenheim Apricot Jam Blackberry Meyer Lemon Sqirl Jams

Sqirl Jams

  • Tucked away in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood, Sqirl began as a preserves company in 2011 before beginning their breakfast & lunch service a year later. Serving market-driven, innovative dishes, but their preserves are not forgotten-- in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, the Sqirl Jams are made using organically farmed produce, sourced from farms within a 350 mile radius of Sqirl’s kitchen.

    Seascape Strawberry & Rose Geranium
    A combination of rose geranium steeped in firm, compact seascape strawberries.The end result is a classic, classy, and elegant-tasting preserve of fresh strawberries and a touch of rose.

    Blackberry Meyer Lemon
    The blackberries here are married with the floral and more fragrant, Meyer Lemon - complimenting the dark fruit. This jam is easy to love.

    Blenheim Apricot Jam
    Made with rare and elusive Blenheim apricot, this jam has a rose-hued, sunset color and a sublime honey-like flavor.

    Raspberries and Cardamom Jam
    Made with delicate Liberty raspberries and freshly ground green cardamom, whose yin and yang relationship forms the flavor profile of this jam.

  • 7.75 oz. (220g.).

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