Capsule Parfums Series 2
Capsule Parfums Series 2
Capsule Parfums Series 2 Brood Capsule Parfums Series 2 Covey

Capsule Parfums Series 2

  • Santa Monica-based Capsule Parfums brings us their second collection, with three unisex scents crafted by hand in small batches. Choose from Troupe, Brood, and Covey. Each sold separately.

    Brood has a progressive profile of fruity, spicy, floral, leather, and earthy scents. Notes include cardamom, apricot, guava, rose, saffron, leather, pepper, oakmoss, patchouli, and ambroxan.

    Troupe is a modern fragrance with a profile of citrusy, woodsy, leather, moss, and musk scents. Notes include tangerine, neroli, orange flower, hiba wood, leather, vanilla, veramoss, vetiver, costus root, and cetalox.

    Covey has an odor profile that is green, fruity, minty, floral, creamy, woody, and sweet. Notes include lime, spearmint, apple, grapefruit, coconut, geranium, almond, jasmine, vetiver, vanilla, javanol, cosmone, and cetalox.
  • Based in Santa Monica, Capsule Parfums is a small-bath fragrance house producing contemporary and progressive fragrances inspired by fashion, beauty, and LA street culture.
  • Made in the USA. 1.7 fl oz. (50ml).

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